Born To be Free

During my travels, at a certain moment this poem came to existence as an expression of this desire to be free.. Enjoy

Eagle (1)

Born to be free

We all long to be free, whatever that might mean


But there they are, the patterns of oppression

The choking constraints of social convention

The hiss of expectations and obligations

Panting in my neck

Crammed into a corner, to be small and insignificant

Holding me back


No,  I’m born to be free

I throw away the burden, Don’t tell me what to be

Fuck you all, I go my own way

I know what I want, I stand in my power, I’m wild, I’m free

And don’t even think of taming me


Left behind that burden,

I now dive into my fear

Inner oppression as demons

are coming to appear

The patterns in my brain

Ingrained over time

Keeping me captive

Yet no one else to blame


Why is it so difficult, this quest to be free?

Why do I force me to be this or that?

Why can’t I simply be?


Standing in this tension,

The struggle to be free

From time to time, when lucky

I get a taste of what could be

Streams of Love where fear has ruled

Shame and guilt no longer fueled

Compassion and care swell from within

And ‘re giving birth

to our new earth


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