About Myself…?

I still don’t really know who I am, and probably it is simply best to keep that question alive rather than answering it and making it something static.

However, what might be relevant for this blog is that I have had the privilege of growing up in a loving family with 6 children (a small community in itself 😉 ) in the lovely, small, rainy country called Belgium. At the age of 10, I lived with my family during one year in a community in France and after finishing high school, I lived for a year in a community in Mexico, both beautiful, challenging and transforming experiences. Having finished my studies as an engineer in renewable energy, it was time to make some decisions in where to invest my time and energy. There I was, with a genuine care and love for the people and our planet, and still too many questions in how to channel this care into concrete actions… So instead of starting to get a job right away, I decided to take these questions and heartfelt passion seriously, and started looking for some answers. And so my journey began (or rather continued).