Community Dream

I dream of a community,

I dream of a place of connection.

Connected with what is really alive in ourselves, and where both joy and pain, sunshine and rain is welcomed. A place where one supports another in observing and connecting with what we feel.

Connected with the others, where authenticity, honesty, and a real concern harmonizes the interests between “me” and “the other”.

Connected with nature, where there is respect for this wonderful ecosystem that makes our existence possible and where this deep respect and love is translated into a sustainable life style.

And connected with the society and the complex social ecosystem that we find ourselves in. It is not a place which tries to run away from “mainstream society”. I dream of a place that deliberately, passionately wants to contribute towards a more harmonious and sustainable society. Where people believe a “better” world is possible and are on fire to contribute towards a “shift of consciousness”. Obstacles, tension and misfortune are part of the dance of life and will not stop this creative process.

I dream of a place that is transformative. A space where people can find themselves, where they can flourish, explore their passions, and are invited and challenged to make their dreams come true. It is a safe loving space, where people are allowed to truly be themselves. It is a place where emotions are lived and welcomed as part of the process rather than repressed and “unwanted”.

Where people are challenged and old patterns are questioned. It is a space in process, in constant movement, dynamic, always changing and it supports people in their process of constant change as well.

A place of transformation where the “small me” realizes that there is a whole dimension unexplored and that its sense of self can reach way beyond the boundaries it put itself.

I dream of a place of Joy, where people enjoy the beauty of life. Where the magic of simple things becomes alive again.

It is a place of living, of being together, a place of connection and transformation, of joy and magic, a place where dreams come true.

Who wants to join this dream?