Why this Journey

In my background as an engineer in renewable energy, it became clear that it we really want build a more harmonious and sustainable future, technology alone is not the solution. If there is not a radical shift of consciousness -a paradigm shift in how we relate to the world around us, technology will only be a drop in the ocean. If we don’t question and ‘reprogram’ the patterns on which our current paradigm is based, these patterns will just keep on reproducing  the same structures, institutions and eventually society. The outer world is a projection of our inner world, and therefore, quoting ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’: “The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.”

Caring a great deal about the people and our planet, I could not just sit back in apathy and silently wait and watch. There has to be a way and answers are out there! Previous community experience, and a deep calling inside of me, invited me look towards community life for answers. Therefore I started to visit places who are already living in an ‘alternative’ way, and I want to learn from them and see practically which new elements could help to build a more wholesome paradigm. I believe that sharing and connecting are an important part of living in harmony, and so my journey to visit and learn from these communities began;  a journey on finding ways how to live in a more sustainable way, in more harmony with oneself, the people around and with nature.

The aim of this blog is mainly to share some of my reflections and insights gathered on my journey visiting different (eco)communities around Europe. I hope it can be a source of inspiration for people who also are looking in the direction of community life and living in a more harmonious, authentic and connected way.  In a (hopefully not all to distant) future, I also would like to live in (and perhaps start) a community in/around Belgium and so this could perhaps also be a way to connect with people who have similar intentions.

The things I write down are mere reflections, and don’t claim to have a monopoly on “truth”’. I hope that they might bring about some interesting dialogues. So if you have anything to add, nuance, contrast, etc. please share your reflections to make this work and ideas more rich, colorful, complete, interesting and useful. It would be great to have a dynamic interaction 🙂